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Richard Longer
Date: Oct 07, 2011

Dear Advent Home Staff, You wouldn't believe it, but the thing that I miss most about Advent Home is the Wednesday/Friday night worships and all...

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Parent Stories

  • The Challenges and Blessings of Our ADHD Son

    The Challenges and Blessings of   Our ADHD Son After Barbara and I were married we decided to have a family, but in two and a half years, we lost four children. We adopted 2 boys from Belize. Soon after, Barbara became pregnant and Peter was born. Seven years later, we adopted two sisters, Juanita and Clarissa, through the state of Oregon.Three years later, the adoption officials surprised us: “We have the two younger siblings of your daughters. Would you taken them?” Now, we had 7 kids. LaQuon, our youngest, was 13 months old and had lived in a…

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